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anyone or only the account owner can return modem to them?

i bought a modem and going to replace for a friend, and return modem too.
do they need to see my ID or nothing is needed, just give them the modem, they give me a receipt, that's it?



Pretty sure it doesn't matter as long as you return it, but your friend will be the one responsible for it if it's lost so make sure to get a receipt.

New York, NY
reply to KeyLogger
I'd imagine you'd have to give them your friend's name, address and phone number, as it appears on the account. Maybe the account number too.


reply to KeyLogger
when i returned my twc modem i had my most recent bill, but the lady just scanned the bar codes on the bottom of the modem and gave me a receipt. when i asked she said she could pull up the account with the modem.

make dang sure you get a return receipt before you walk away from the counter and make sure that it has your friends name on and modem S/N and MAC address on it.

write down the S/N and MAC address before you return it so that you can compare it with what is on the return receipt.


Kenosha, WI
reply to KeyLogger
Coincidentally I returned my old SB4100 to my local office today. The gentleman at the counter asked me for the street address and then the name on the account (it is not in my name). No ID was necessary, but I did have a bill just in case.

He printed a receipt, which I signed, then gave me a customer copy and I was on my way. Was very fast and convenient.

The receipt I received has office information, account information, and converter information. Under converter information it lists all the devices at the household. It shows my new customer owned modem, the SB4100 I was returning, and the cable boxes. The "serial numbers" listed on this receipt for the modems appear to be their MAC addresses. It also has a column for "ISSUED" date and for the line item being returned it shows "RETURNED".

I've noticed that the returned modem still has not dropped off of the "Subscriber Self Care" > Modem Information page. When I had the new modem provisioned and when I returned the old modem, both representatives assured me that once the new modem was provisioned the lease charge was removed from the bill.


reply to KeyLogger
I've seen myservices take a few days to update the equipment information, sure it's the same with the selfcare. If they still have the charge on their next bill, I would call and complain at that point.


reply to KeyLogger
went there today.
wrote everything maybe needed on a paper (included the 4 digi pin number), but she asked nothing, gave me a receipt to sign(for them to keep), gave me another one she signed(for me to keep), done.

the receipt only have the returned modem MAC, doesn't have the self-own one.

i was a little worry when i saw there is a sign saying something like "valid ID is required for all equipments", maybe that's only for getting equipments from there, not returning.

reply to KeyLogger
No company is going to be strict when someone is trying to return their equipment...

It doesn't even matter if you found a modem on the street, you could return it, no questions asked.