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Bless you Howie
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Re: So many tablets

Here is another angle to the bickering: Tablets are starting to kill the PC business. Too many people are buying tablets to eliminate PCs, which is bad on so many levels.

In any event, no one can really tell you what to buy, and too many people are invested in brands, such as all the Apple loyalists out there that can't bear for their brand to be challenged.

The questions come down to a few things:

iOS or Droid or other OS? iOS is polished, sure enough, and is updated frequently enough to protect users from hazards, but Droid gives much more freedom. Droid is inspired by Linux I think. Other OS, such as Kindle and Nook will lock you into only buying media and apps from THAT company. Droid will get less apps and apps coming later than iOS, but there are still a LOT of apps. Before buying any device, find out if the software, books, music, and other media will be available. Find out if the file formats you want are supported, such as Mobi, PDF, and epub book formats, and AAC, MP3, and FLAC music formats and then there are the movie formats...

Does the device support FLASH (iOS does NOT, this is a huge issue) and other internet formats.

What is service like for a malfunctioning device, will the company back up their product? Apple devices, in spite of recent revelations about "Genius bar" employees misbehaving horribly (look it up), has superior service on some levels.

How anal is the OS creator, what do they prevent you from doing? What about Digital Rights Management and restrictions on media and software?

What about availability of add on devices such as screen protectors, chargers, and other gadgets?

What about resale value? What about initial cost?

What about resolution and color saturation of the screen?

What about navigation on the device, can you live with the implementation, such as Microsoft's tile system, some love it, some hate it.

It's not really bickering as much as it is passion on philosophies on a cutting edge device.

Good luck.

And FWIW, were I to buy a tablet, it would probably be a Droid, maybe a Samsung, so that is MY bias...
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signmeuptoo, OK, forget it! I'm sticking with the laptop!

OK, just kidding, but holy crap on a cracker, that's a lot to consider. I can see now that I'm just going to have to sit back and do a heck of a lot more reading and looking at specific reviews. I really appreciate the thoughts behind your reply. I've got each item down on a comparison sheet and will use it to score various tablets. Perhaps it will help in making a decision. Thanks very much for your suggestions.