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Fair and Balanced
Katy, TX
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Re: [My Review] Ipad Review - Useful only if jailbroken

The ipad is expensive hardware.
It is fully capable of running programs like office, but Apple is not doing anything to help get full utility from the device. Why can't they make pages and numbers more like open office so it works much better with MS office?
It is also silly that you need to jailbreak to get the features that one would expect. For what you pay, why do they lock it down to limit its features?
My review is about making it as useful as possible and if you dont need MS office then it can actually replace a laptop (except for hardcore professional programs like 3d modeling, video/picture editing, etc) if you have a bunch of SD cards for storage.

I think people will read my review and appreciate the listing of what the Ipad can and cannot do as it can help them to decide if they will buy one.
I am using it everyday for work basically to update sharepoint and for emails while in our mfg shop.
It is also useful in meetings to pull up catalogs, documents and open pictures, excel files, and word files on our shared drive.
I have a large "engineering" grade laptop so a small ipad is much easier to carry around.
The last time I flew, I used the SD card and iFile to copy episodes of the walking dead and how the states got their shapes (that I legally recorded personally on my dvr) to the ipad. I watched them with VLC player. This is something you CANNOT do by default with the ipad, you need to jailbreak and install apps that apple is against.

Many older people are not computer savy, they dont use their computer for life, work, or entertainment.
My mom would be able to use the ipad as is for what she would do with it.
Facebook, some other websites, youtube, and netflix.

But there are much more things that the younger generation uses their computers for like what I have listed so for us, for an ipad to be useful it has to do these things or its just a toy for reading on the toilet.

The best thing Apple can do is let people install OSX onto the ipad, I would buy OSX if I could put it on the ipad
As soon as someone hacks it for win8 I will put it on, then I will have full utility needed.

I am just letting people know what it can and cannot do so they can make an informed decision about buying something.
It would suck to buy one and realize later it wont do what you want. I have not read any other reviews that explain how it can be used for both business and personal including jailbroken apps.
...brought to you by Carl's Jr.


Sun City, AZ
Thank you for a complete and useful review. I always thought ipad should be more like $300 for what it does. Apple always has a huge margin on their products. But fanboys buy them anyway. I'd probably get a $500 laptop or desktop instead, just personal thought.