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Garland, TX

Verizon FIOS/VPN throttling?

In the never ending struggle to maintain anonymity on the web (which seems to get ever more difficult) and maintain some decent amount of throughput I have employed a VPN service in conjunction with my Verizon FIOS service but my speed through Tixati (my torrent client) is becoming pathetic.

I pay for 50Mbps down/25 up with FIOS and it always pegs at least that speed. I am month-to-month with GoTrusted VPN which has hit and miss service but the price is right and it mostly serves my needs.

Lately though it seems my DL speed has fallen dramatically.
My current connection through the VPN is: 50ms ping with a download speed of 7.47Mbps. This connection results in a download speed of 95 Kb/s through Tixati. That is just pathetic.

No matter how I adjust my torrent client Tixati for better throughput, and I have been tweaking it through guides for the better part of half a year, my speeds just mostly suck, and for this privileged I pay a combined price of about $60/month.

I am currently DL'ing a couple small torrent files through my FIOS 50Mbps connected to my GoTrusted VPN guaged at 7.47Mbps with a 50ms ping which results in a Tixati speed of, currently 130KB/s in and 1800KB/s out. No matter how I try to adjust for a better ratio it seems I can never get much better speed in.

It just seems there has to be a better way, my speeds have been better than this but lately it just crawls. I know there are a lot of variables and I cant exactly account for all of them, but I just see the trend going slower and slower and slower.


Without access to both FIOS and GoTrusted's infrastructure, much less HOW either of them peer with each other,
you're kind of SOL at this point.

Some add'n thoughts

a) do you have speed tests thru the GoTrusted VPN and how does your speed compare now?
b) how's a traceroute thru GoTrusted look to said torrent tracker or peer look?
c) if you remove GoTrusted, how does your download speeds 1) via torrents and 2) in general look?
Is it back to the full Fios speeds?
d) any other Fios connectivity similarly affected or is this speed drop ONLY limited to GoTrusted / torrent activity?

My 00000010bits



reply to rocks911
First of all, if you are in USA, why would you use a USA VPN Service provider? You are trying to be anon....and also want the ability for no one in USA law or jurisdiction to be able to track your IP with there ever changing law.

I'd look for VPN providers that don't fall under that..Maybe EUR or Swiss, or Canada.

Seems like you are using bittorrent....for download or distributing personal data or whatever it is...I am sure you want to be anon....Get a real VPN Solution outside USA. Just a thought.