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Springfield, MO
reply to samehere

Re: Halo 4 bandwidth usage

mediacoms caps are pretty reasonable too 350GB for 30Mbps and 1TB for 50Mbps and higher


Elios that's the point. They want people to say oh this won't effect me go ahead and do it. Then next year they roll out new packages and those caps are a little lower and the next year lower again with bigger penalties. Just look at how the telephone and cell companies went about there business. They advertised unlimited data when the iPhones came out. How long before they realized those customers had all the cash and found a way to get more money out of them?

As danawhitaker pointed out there isn't always even a competitor to choose from. IT's nothing but a attempt to decrease demand by heavily monetizing data. They say to themselves we can make more money, decrease demand, and control demand more by doing this. When there is lack of competition it causes a massive hit to internet deployment to rural areas and a slowing of better infrastructure development for everybody. When they can still get the same money and deplete demand why would they invest in better infrastructure? Consumers don't want caps and should vote with their wallets and complain to local franchise authorities, and even the fcc. Just look at Canada and how it's severely hurt there development.

IMHO Caps are a huge net neutrality issue and we should speak up to Mediacom. Even if it doesn't seem to effect us now. These type of controls are BS even if the data limits are reasonable at this point. IT's a critical internet development that has very dark future implications. Just look at Comcast and caps as a example. Use Netflix and it counts against your data limit but use one of the other video streaming services they own like a NBC or partner Hulu app and it NOT count against your cap.


Springfield, MO
i have to TRY to download 1TB of stuff in a month even on a 100Mbps connection

yes they COULD lower it but we have not seen that yet and if they do i think they know people start to leave


Not if they don't have competition in a region.

Not if later down the line they collude with completion to make caps standard business practice.

People should stand up to caps now! The only reason why those caps are reasonable now is so they can say to the FCC that our customers don't have a issue with it. They will argue that is saves the consumer money, and after it's a acceptable business practice BOOM rates go up. How much does your cable bill go up each year now for TV?????

People need to understand our deployment of high speed is horrible for the rural areas. The infrastructure as a whole compared to other first world countries is almost as bad. Instead of investing in bigger pipes they want to control the flow more. Thus slowing down the need for a bigger pipe. That means in 5 years you won't see that new high speed in ur area. They won't see the demand for it or the profit. Just go look at the crap Canadians have to deal with who have a cap system.