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Bronx, NY
reply to skeechan

Re: Spec'ing out an iMac for my brother

said by skeechan:

Macs are very RAM picky so many sure that the store has a good return policy.

That might've been true in the PowerPC days, but the Intel Macs are much more forgiving in my experience. Every stick of RAM I've thrown in a Mac (probably close to 100 sticks) has worked so far.

For my personal Macs, I typically buy the cheapest RAM on newegg (which is usually G.Skill) and haven't had a problem yet.
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Not for me, I had to return multiple pairs of Corsairs for my 2010 and 2011 Minis and Patriots for my 2010 13" MBP. Same for my retired 2008 iMac and fermented black MacBook. Every time the sticks would post in Win notebooks and pass mem tests but my Macs barfed them up, not even posting, or would post but only 1 of the 2 installed sticks reporting present.

Now I only buy OWC. When looking at Newegg (or Amazon), there are no shortage of 1-star reviews complaining of Macs not running sticks. Even with G-Skill, G-Skill post responses at Newegg will point reviewers to buy a different part number...supposedly "Mac Certified" RAM as if there should be any difference. My sawtooth and G5s will run baked turd, but not my Intel stuff. In my experience, Intel Macs are pickier than ever.
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OWC is overpriced crap. It works, but it's overpriced, plain as that. My Vengeance memory works just fine in my 2012 MBP. I've had no issues with it and plan on getting more to install in another MBP because 8GB is sometimes not enough with Parallels and a bunch of stuff left running in the background. That 8GB pie chart fills up quick. lol