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Bob Anderson

Ottawa, ON
reply to Subaru

Re: ungrounded wall outlets

I'm going to have to think carefully before informing the LL. He's been a friend for decades and gave me a break on the rent for that reason and because he knows I am a not a complainer. He's a lawyer but he has no technical sense whatsoever when it comes to building code or computers. It took me some time to convince him to get a cordless home phone so he wouldn't have to go from sitting in his back yard to into the house to answer his landline. He hates computers and doesn't have one.

I think I'm going to emphasize the GFCI solution and not mention the liability implications of the current electrical situation. Like I said, he's a lawyer so he will understand the liability implications. This house probably contains dozens of wall outlets so even the GFCI solution is going to cost a bundle. I think I'm going to explain that under the current situation if an electronic device develops an internal short the device would become energized thus potentially electrocuting someone (I hope this is correct).

But then again I could just leave things alone. I think I'll wait until next summer when we are sitting in his back yard having a beer when I will bring up the subject casually as a "for your information" item. As you can see I am very wary about rocking the boat.


Mr Matt

Eustis, FL
·Embarq Now Centu..
Unless you are a licensed electrician there is no reason to expect you to be aware of a problem with the outlets. I would leave well enough alone. Do not put anything in writing about this matter? But you already did. The following suggestion will solve your concern if you are using appliances with a three prong plug without a properly grounded receptacle. Purchase as many of these GFCI's and adapters you will need:

» ··· 02510241

and one of these for each of the above:

» ··· 00356839

Plug the GFCI into the existing receptacle two prong or three prong and the adapter into the GFCI if the appliance plug is three prong. You are protected.

You might want to warn your land lord friend about the issue because there is the potential of lawsuit if a future tenant is electrocuted.

LXI 483
O Fallon, MO
reply to Bob Anderson
LL's generally have more responsibility than an average home owner. This is usually brought on through municipal codes.

Asking the LL to correct a potentially dangerous situation isn't whining. It's basically asking him to do his bare minimum job; a job he's obligated to do since he decided to go into the LL business.
If you have a limited understanding of how building systems work, you should always default to professionals for repair and upkeep, hire a management company that is liable, or sell out.

If someone breaks into your house and steals everything, do you call the police? Or, do you just forget about it because you don't want to bother them?
If someone refers to herself / himself as a "guru", they probably aren't.

Bob Anderson

Ottawa, ON
reply to Mr Matt
I will go to my local Home Depot and consult with them. The items in the Home Depot links look promising.

I will tell the LL after I find a solution for my TV and computing equipment.