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Valencia, PA
reply to takeahike

Re: Fuck Dell

said by takeahike:

said by H_T_R_N:

I make my living off of people not being able to get to the hard drive.
Price your repair acordlingly and infor the client that you might have to destroy the keyboard to get to the drive and that if you do there will be an additional charge. Simple!

Haven't you heard the line: For that, I'll just buy a new computer!

That still does not address the original issue they brought the device to you in the first place, the data. If they are willing to throw the data away then it wasn't that important to them in the first place. And if they hadn't thought that far ahead, its your job to enlighten them. Remember they brought it to you for your "expert" help. Provide it to them and they will be willing to pay. Act like they are the smart ones in the conversation and you will lose every time.

And yes I have heard that line. I usually make the original amount for the data recovery, plus a margin on the new laptop, up-selling some hardware, software and a backup service, a bit of extra on the disposal fee and the resale of the parts on eBay. So when I hear that they would rather buy a new device, I hear $ signs!

Woodland Hills, CA

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People are constantly comparing your charge to the deals they've seen in the paper or on-line. Yes, if you educate them about their data (as I pointed out before as a way to get jobs) you can collect more. But with everything that you're adding on the total is often going to chase them away. I usually try to make the price in a range that I can get them to justify to themselves.

I'll tell you, after 22 years and selling lots of systems, I really prefer to concentrate on repairs (and the market has changed such that that is the reality). Like I said I used to sell a lot more systems, and while it was definitely more money in my pocket the stress level from the expectations the client subsequently has of you was really almost more than I could take, particularly with laptops that you may have to depend on someone other than yourself, i.e., the manufacturer, to fix.
"The best laid schemes of mice and men often go awry . . . " --Robert Burns