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Crestline, CA
reply to nahrah

Re: Slow internet speeds at night

said by nahrah:

I too have this problem again. I've had 4 tech visit, new underground from street to house, and new connectors and signal check. Turn out the node I was on was overloaded, so they moved me to a new one. To top it off they just barely fixed it now its back to sluggish speed between 8pm-12am. I have the same internet speed subscription as you too. If Fios was available in my area I would drop charter in a heartbeat. Supposedly, Verizon is going to roll out Fios in my area in 2013 after putting a hold on it.

Also @BF69 - they're stilled rolling out FiOS in contractually agreed areas afaik, just because they won't roll out to any new areas doesn't mean they don't have to finish lighting up areas they promised to do.

nahrah, I've seen them stringing fiber down off Rock Springs Rd a month or two back. I know it's the extreme edge of Hesperia almost to Apple Valley, but they're definitely still putting FiOS out in the area.


Hesperia, CA
Thats the funny thing, I'm off main st right by the 15 freeway, in the fairly new housing development and I don't have Fios, yet 2-3mi east on Main St they do.

@BF69 I spoke with a representative in person, that had setup a little booth inside Walmart. Said if they gain enough interest they will re roll out Fios in the area in 2013.