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Re: [HN9000] Something on new computer is draining my bandwidth

Well, I noticed it wasn't doing the same thing this afternoon - it seemed to be pretty quiet, wasn't eating up 40MB in 20 minutes like it did this morning. But I just checked and that BITS thing was in fact running, so I went ahead and disabled it. We'll see if that helps upon start-up tomorrow. Thanks so much for the tip!

But I wonder, will I have to disable it each and every day? If so, I guess it's a small price to pay for not having a huge chunk of my bandwidth for all intents and purposes stolen.

One More Too

Galena, IL
Assuming that Windows 8 is similar to Windows 7, the only way to permanently turn off BITS is to go to services (by typing "services" in the start menu), select Background Intelligent Transfer Service, and disable it. But I'm not sure that you really want to disable it. With any new computer, there are going to be a good number of updates since the date when your computer's operating system was made and installed in your computer. You really don't want to ignore all those updates, and, once they have had a chance to be downloaded and installed, further updates should be much more manageable with regard to the amount of bandwidth that they are using.

I would suggest that your best course of action is to open Windows Update, and, under settings, select the option that says that it will notify you of updates and let you decide which to install and when to install them. Then, you can choose to install them when you know you will have the necessary bandwidth available.