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South Bend, IN

[WIN8] Use Server 2012 as desktop OS?

I'm building a new desktop PC and I'm a Comp. Sci. student at a large University.

Being a student, I have access to a free license to a full retail version of Windows Server 2012 (but only an "upgrade" license to Win 8). I need a full license as this is a new computer with a blank hard drive.

Is there any reason I can't use Server 2012 as an alternative to Win 8? Would I not want to do this? Are there any major Win 8 features removed from Server 2012 that would make it undesirable for desktop use?

I used Server 2012 at work and it's seems really similar to Win 8 (I have not ever used Win 8).


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Windows 8 licence which you get from your university can be installed in a new computer with a blank hard drive. There should not be a problem.

I have not used Server 2012 but why would you want Server 2012 on your personal computer where it's not meant to be for personal computing!!!

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reply to DruX
Can't tell, since you don't say what you want to use a desktop OS for.

Things you might run into:

1) Some paid-for software charges more for a server version on the grounds it's 'obviously' being used in a business capacity.

2) Some software refuses to install on a server version (either because the vendor just doesn't want to support the server, or because he's protecting the more-expensive server version).

In addition, there's likely more "stuff" running by default in the server version, so you might have to allow for a little larger memory budget over running the desktop OS.