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[Tampa] Greedy companys

It's the repsonsibility of BH to bring us the ch we are paying for,also it's the responsibility of WFLA to not be greedy . The cust without which neither company would exist is the one who eventually will suffer from company greed on both sides , it's up to these companys to be professional enough to settle these disputes without using the customer for pawns. Having said that, this pawn will go where he gets the ch he wants, if it's not on BH I will simply go somewhere else.


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And then when you go to the competition what will occur is you will be locked into a 24 month contract and the company you go to will have their contract expire with WFLA and you will be in the same boat.

Broadcasters are raising rates 300% on average across the board on local channels with every cable/satellite company. These contract disputes are more and more commonplace these days and there is not a multichannel video programming distributor out there immune to the extortion of the broadcasters.

I find it amusing that everyone complains about rate increases yet wants the cable/satellite companies to just bow down and pay whatever the broadcasters present as an offer.

Do you really want a 20-30% yearly increase on your television services? Think about it.
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Re: [Tampa] Greedy companys

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