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Township Of Washington, NJ

Problems with local ads on cable channels

I'm noticing a few problems with the local cable ads on VHO7.
After being ok for a long time, most of the ads now have loud distorted audio.
When the local ad break starts you get 2 seconds of an ad then another ad starts.
The ads are not stopping at the correct time and we are missing programming for about 30 seconds till the extra ad stops.
When you are skipping trough recordings on the DVR or with a PVR the ads cause a lag before advancing forward.

Does anyone know if FiOS is aware of these issues? Are the same things happening on the other VHOs?

Should I post in the direct forum or twitter to get them to check into them?


Havertown, PA

I've noticed it, recently, here in VHO8 (immediate Philly, PA area).

Since it's only in the commercial spots, I ignore it.


Township Of Washington, NJ

Are any of these issues effecting those with TiVOS or PVRs?
On my PVR I'm noticing recordings of some channels are not full and I'm guessing it's due to the errors with the insertion of the local ads.


Richmond, VA
reply to icemannyr1

Unfortunately many are having problems with LOUD commercials apparently being inserted at the local VHO.

In my communications with Verizon I've come to the conclusion they don't care.

We are now making multiple daily complaints to the FCC about loud commercials at their web site - they have a PDF complaint on-line. Maybe if enough complaints get filed Verizon management wil wake up and fix the problem.

Join us.


Bradenton, FL

AS you said there are new FCC rules and a way to file complaints.

Since there are now fines involved, Verizon does care about it, even if the people you have talked to don't.

That others may surf
reply to gazelder

Ad inserts are handled by a third party. Verizon doesn't have direct control of them.



said by DrDrew:

Ad inserts are handled by a third party. Verizon doesn't have direct control of them.

dr drew you are usually 100% correct on all your other posts but in this case you are not. ads are sold by third party. in markets like philly or dc where comcast is incumbent provider they do sell ad space for fios but they fios does have some control over the quality of the ad. there is suppose to be a QC process in place but apparently it is not being followed. the timing and loudness of ads is a complete mess.