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Re: [HN9000] Something on new computer is draining my bandwidth

said by grohgreg:

That said, I have a 64 bit Win8 installation disc for a couple weeks now. Just haven't had the time to set up a dual boot configuration.


I was forced into using Windows 8 three weeks ago when a critical machine died and all I could buy locally to immediately getting things working all had 8 on them. Can't say I'm impressed. Noting your comment above, I saw this posted elsewhere earlier today:

Now I have discovered a problem with dual booting Windows 7 and Windows
8. One of the features in Windows 8 is a hybrid shutdown mode that
really helps reduce start-up speed. Apparently Windows 7 does not like
that at all. I discover the problem when I shutdown Windows 8 and then
booted Windows 7.

My test computer has 4 hard drives. While booting Windows 7 I received
messages about corrupted files on each of the other 3 drives. Chkdsk
ran repeatedly and when Windows 7 finally finished booting, all the
other drives were blank.
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Okay, so I had no problems with draining bandwidth yesterday afternoon and evening, and thought maybe the issue was fixed (like I said, I've already turned off all the auto updates I can think of), but then this morning the exact same thing happened again. Before I remembered to check, I had dropped from 500 to 230 MB. So I immediately disconnected my ethernet cable before I lost the rest. After a few hours, I plugged it back in, and now the number is holding steady and nothing is draining it.

What could be causing this to happen only in the morning? I generally only put my computer in sleep mode at night, I don't shut it down. So it's not as if Windows is booting up or the Hughesnet system is restarting.

West Mich.
reply to dbirdman
I have a hard drive selector switch in mine:

»www.cooldrives.com/index.php/4po ··· 3ba.html

Allows me to run 4 different operating systems without having to dual boot.
Works really well.

West Mich.
reply to sarah81
Being a new computer probably everything installed on it wants to update. It can be hard to change everything to "manual".

I still think it may pay to keep it off the net until the first opportunity to update everything during the free time.

Once everything is updated you should be good to go except perhaps on "Patch Tuesday"

You really don't want to run un patched.
You are running Anti-virus and anti-malware software I hope.