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West Orange, NJ
reply to chitchatjf

Re: [HD] Maybe this means more HD will follow...

said by chitchatjf:

said by chitchatjf:

Still here

but gone now

They still show up in the guide. If you tune to the channel it says the programming is no longer available. I guess that's so the 1 or 2 people who actually watched these channels are informed.

I did watch Mav Tv once in a while. Occationally it had some good movies. For example: Rudy, was on just not too long ago.

But I can live without that HD channel, and especially those other 4 SD channels, that I Never watched.

I just hope they add one or two good HD channels in place of them.


Belleville, NJ
reply to ansky
Oh NO the Mayans were right! The world has ended, we've lost MavTV!!!