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Nashville, TN
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Re: [CATV] Looks like I'm finally leaving Charter TV

I didn't see any difficulty. All the rebates were INSTANT, install was FREE, delivery was FREE, $600 of equipment no charge. when I got my first bill, everything was the same price as it was when I ordered it online. my referral from my neighbor was already deducted. I see no issues. Discounts were clearly stated and for the time periods involved.

Maybe its been a while for you, eh?

said by desarollo:

There's a lot of legwork involved in getting DirecTV's rebates and promo pricing. Read the fine print...

I might have missed it compuguybna, but how many tv's do you have connected?

I've thought of going the satellite tv route MANY times, but if I have to pay $5 or more for a box on each tv in the house, that alone almost covers my expanded basic tv with Charter. As I'm not much of a tv watcher, I can't see paying $20 or more in rentals just to use the system and what's the sense of having just one tv get all the channels and the other 3 can't?

Sounds goofy that I say I'm not a tv watcher but then have 4 tv's, doesn't it? Wife has to have one in bedroom and kid has one in his room. Have a tv in family room, in basement, but can't even remember the last time it was turned on! Family room is mostly used for my office/work shop and have stereo on, not tv!
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Monroe, MI
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said by compuguybna:

Maybe its been a while for you, eh?

Around August last time I checked. First year was smooth, except you had to consent to auto-bill and spamming your email. Second year, not so much. You had to call and have them apply the credit, and you had to do a mail in for a second incentive which was sent to you in the mail.