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if i get ddosed

alright so first off with shaw i only get 2 dynamic ip addresses... also my ip never even changes so if i get ddosed am i kind of screwed? and if by some chance i was able to use my 2nd ip address and they got it again then what do i do? just wait and hope they stop ddosing me one day? after what i was doing is over and i have lost because of it? calling shaw and asking for my ip address to be changed doesnt help either since they claim they are unable to change it.

also does anyone know what i have to do to even get my ip to change with shaw? and if i did change it if it would be possible to get another new ip if they somehow got my new one?


A normal internet user is highly unlikely to get DoS'ed. The best recommendation in this case is to avoid doing douchie things that invite DoS attacks.

Shaw's DHCP servers hand out DHCP addresses to a NIC based on MAC addresses. If that same MAC address continues to request an IP address, the server will continue to offer the same IP (as long as its available) to the same MAC. And yea, Shaw techs likely dont have much control over changing IP address offerings. What you can do is plug in a different router, or bypass your router and get an IP for your computer directly. You will get a different IP then. And if you wait a few days, the old IP address allocation will expire, and a new device may request an IP from Shaws servers, and they might dish out that old IP. At which time, you can reconnect your previous router and obtain a new IP (since the old one is now unavailable). Unfortunately theres not way to really force this, just trial and error.

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Yes, this is it,

If you want a new IP, change your MAC address and power cycle your modem to release your IP count, many modems are only set for only one IP, even if your plan allows for two. Many have to request the 2nd IP be added to their account/modem.
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