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Disable Guest WIFI on Cisco DPC3825

Noobie here. If I'm connecting any wifi device in my house I'm seeing my normal wifi access but then I also see a guest wifi. Its the same name as my normal wifi but it has "guest" in the name. How the heck do I delete or at least disable this guest wifi? I don't need it and don't want it.


It means your modem was setup with the USB stick that came with it. It creates a guest network (though typically it still requires a password for people to browse, similar to using internet at a coffee shop). You can either go onto the PC you used it on, go into the Start menu and run Cisco Connect, Guest Access, set "Allow Guest Access" to "No" or factory reset the modem and set it back up manually.
Alternatively, you can just call tech support and they can do it for you.


Hey thanks! Guess I'm calling tech support since Cisco Connect is not on my system.


Scarborough, ON
Even without Cisco Connect, you can log into the router settings (, click on the wireless tab, then Guest Access, then set to "no".


Port Williams, NS
Those instructions would be great except that the default router IP is and there is no Guest Access option available in the two main firmware versions for the DPC3825 right now...