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Chiloquin, OR

[CenturyTel] weather station data not uploading

I have a Davis Vantage Vue with a network subscription which should allow me to upload my weather station data to the Davis weather page. It is not uploading. Davis looked at my log files and said the problem must be that the data is not getting through my modem. The modem is a Westell A90 with built-in wifi. The laptop connected to the weather console is connecting to the internet through wifi. I disabled the firewall on the modem. That did not help. Any thoughts?

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North Las Vegas, NV
Exactly which model/components do you have, and are you sure they are properly connected? Is the weather console supposed to be uploading the data, or software on the laptop connected to the console? Check the firewall on the laptop, or the connection from the console to the router.


Chiloquin, OR
I have Weatherlink 6.0.2 software on the laptop (required for network uploads) and as far as I can tell, the upload goes from the console through the data logger USB connection to the software and uses my laptop internet connection to upload. I've been on the phone with Davis and they've assured me that my setup is correct. I disabled the Windows firewall on the laptop and have no antivirus running because I only use it to collect weather data and download library books. I'm going to try connecting the modem to the laptop via ethernet cable to see if that makes a difference, but I'm out of any other ideas.

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Greenwood, SC
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I have a very similar setup with my Vantage Vue and the data logger, but I use Cumulus (»sandaysoft.com/products/cumulus) on my PC to upload my data to Wunderground, MADIS, etc.

I don't have any experience with Weatherlink.


Chiloquin, OR
Looks like I fixed it by bumbling about. I lugged the DSL modem and associated cords downstairs and plugged it directly into the laptop connected to the weather console, and it saw the console! Worked perfectly. But, no wifi adapter on the upstairs computer so I had to take it all back up and reconnect it (spouse uses that computer). But, having once 'seen' whatever it saw it is now transferring as it is supposed to even though it's back on wifi. I don't really get it, but I'm happy.