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[Troubleshooting] blocking voip 5060

I purchased equipment to use as a backup to my current isp in the event of an outage to run our voip phone to the studio and it is not working. I talked to Verizon Wireless and they don't seem too sure about this, but said maybe getting a static IP address for $500.00 WTF?

Anyone else have any insight into this?


Pittsburgh, PA
I know on the smartphone side, they're using carrier-grade NAT (on 10.x.x.x), which, if the equipment you are using is also pulling from the NAT, that may be why your VoIP is not operating.

Pittsburgh, PA
reply to port5060
Does the phone register successfully? What type of setup are you using (softphone, physical voip phone, ata)? I use Bria on my droid a lot (Mostly when I want to call someone but I don't want them to have my cell phone number).

I am connected using a wireless eithernet adapter to the wireless wi-fi in 4g. I tried it with my computer as well and it seems that port 5060 is blocked.
I tested a vpn connection and that worked, but the way I need it to work is direct to the ata equipment.