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Ontario, CAN
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Re: [IE] IE 9 The Fastest Browser

Looks like it's been sitting at 5.1.7 for a while now.

Apple... YUM
Cleveland, OH
This thing has got to be rigged for Internet Explorer to run this better than any other browser. I ran it in Google Chrome which is supposed to be one of the fastest browsers in existence and the test barely ran in it. Firefox got a 190 and Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8 got a 5227.
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An Awesome Dude


Ya i wouldnt doubt it is.... Sounds like something M$ would do!!

You can test this by changing your USER AGENT to look like IE and run the test again!

Hilo, HI
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Re: [IE] IE 9 The Fastest Browser

That's pretty funny. Fx10 ESR got 73. Opera 12 got 125. SeaMonkey (using Fx 16 according to the test) got 281.

And IE 10 32bit on Windows 8? Well, the test won't even start on it. LOL

Maybe IE doesn't like Proxo? Nope. That is not it. I bypassed Proxo and tried and that start button does nothing. I can hear that god-awful music though with or without Proxo running. I can't understand a single word.

My experience with IE 10 has been that it is MUCH SLOWER than IE 8 on XP and much slower than even the one year old version of Fx (10 ESR) that I prefer. I can see with Extended Status Bar on Fx how fast pages load now that I have a DOCSIS 3 modem and 20/2 (did have 15/1 with DOCSIS 2 modem). Plus, it is really all about RAM also. My new computer is only using 20% memory with four browsers open and about 200 tabs open. This would use most of the RAM on my XP computer and more than 50 tabs on Fx on XP would make it unstable. But on the new Win 8 computer over 100 tabs and Fx is using less RAM than 50 tabs on XP. A test like this has too many variables to be worth anything in regards to comparisons of browsers.

I prefer the browser that got the lowest score and the one with the second lowest score I put as my second preference. Speed is only one aspect of why a person chooses a particular browser. (Plus, IE10 is the only browser I cannot get the latest Java to work on and the only browser that won't simply go to the site entered in the address bar...why do I have to highlight the address and then hit enter on the keyboard before it will go to the site...that is not speedy! My other browsers go automatically as soon as the address is entered).
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