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Re: [Internet] New service

I did not know the FTR was expanding their fiber optic to the home network.

Regarding, I think you will have to hire someone to install the cabling in your house. To my knowledge and experience, and a suggestion, NEVER let a tech into your house. You get charged an isolation fee of $85. However, this is an installation and I'm not sure if they are allowed into your house without fee.


Thank you for the advise. I was told "free installation" but what, exactly, is included was not explained to me. i better be careful about signing anything.


It's not the matter about signing things, if they say may we come in ask if you will be charged, or call them or start a chat with them.

But congrats on getting FiOS, what speeds did you get?


I chose the basic 15 Mbbs service. I try to be optomistic that my relationship with Frontier will be a happy one but the difficulties I am having getting information online is making me nervous. I need an account number to access most websites and I don't have one yet. The person I talked to when I ordered service didn't follow through with promised emails describing what is involved with free installation. Live chat just tells me to talk to the tech. Whatever happens next Monday, I will definitely post here about my experience so that others have an idea about the process.

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Well Bob - "Welcome to Frontier." The service that you have experienced so far is normal for my area. But there are folks in the northwest that say that receive excellent service from Frontier, so I hope you luck out and receive the service that those individuals claim they receive.