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Re: [BC] Horrendous YouTube performance

said by rustydusty:

The only input you have provided was a video of trying to stream a video on Youtube and a link to a nic card. You haven't provided speedtests, DNS information, tracerts, directly connected to modem, etc. Get out of your bubble and do some basic troubleshooting

Yet again, provide facts or move along troll.

said by Baud1200:

....connecting directly to the Cisco modem itself or using a switch/router in between...

said by Baud1200:

...3 day old windows 7 install...

said by Baud1200:

2 (of them) are HP proliant servers

This is why I was getting upset with your posts, the very things you are saying I have not provided were in the post you flamed, if you simply took the time to read it.

Not only did I do "basic troubleshooting" on one machine, I did it on several.
Naturally when you come back and say its a "hardware issue" without actually reading the post and seeing that they are separate machines, I can't take you very seriously.

I wouldn't bother the forum with basic troubleshooting, if an issue was so simple that speedtest or tracert would show it there would be no need ask for input in a forum. There's no point wasting anybody's time with trivial red herring information and pictures of speedtests that show no issues, or redundant flaming.

Onto something constructive... you mention some good advice here:

said by rustydusty:

I would suggest trying a different DNS. Personally at home and work, DNS and DHCP are done on my DC with DNS forwarding to Google DNS only and it works beautifully. May be some issues with DNS...

But I don't understand how you can then say:
said by rustydusty:

...before passing the buck to Shaw

Based on your own settings the default DNS Shaw is providing are not working correctly.. how can you say this isn't Shaw's issue when you yourself have to make changes to their default configuration?

Anyways... thanks for information despite that.