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Red Deer County, AB
reply to Slack

Re: [BC] Horrendous YouTube performance

You just highlighted points you say you have done, yet still haven't provided any real data to support the fact you have tried these. Not even a single tracert has been provided. When someone says they've tried tracerts and speedtests, I don't believe anything till I see some proof. Once you actually provide us some data instead of highlighting what you have tried, no one will bother to help. We need information to see and work off of, not sure your word.



I the post above doesn't make sense to you I give up, common reading comprehension is obviously not your forte. I'd draw a picture but even the video clearly didn't do the trick.

Just don't come on here acting like Shaw has no issues and attempting to derail the thread when even you yourself need to change their default settings for your own setup to work.
Its not honest to mislead readers this way.


Good luck man. I was on BB100 a while ago and had saturation problems on my node and yes, YouTube issues as well. It is a Shaw issue with routing and you won't get much luck from fixing this issue. Best advice, go with a non cable internet provider.

Your best price/performance ratio package would probably be with Teksavvy 25 DSL. It's 10x slower than your theoretically 250Mbit/s but you get unlimited bandwidth at less than a 1/4th the cost.