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Grand Island, NE
reply to Phoneman63

Re: Sony patents way to block used games

Won't really be necessary. Digital-only console games will come soon enough.
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Urbandale, IA

You overestimate the accessibility to high speed uncapped broadband people in the U.S. and Canada have. Many console gamers are college students - the university I attended does not permit students to attach any other devices other than a personal computer to their network - that includes game consoles and routers. Many students are gamers. If they don't have access to the internet to download the games, they won't buy the console. And even among people who don't have that issue, many people are now living in cap-land, where they are limited to how much they can download per month before either being threatened with being booted from their ISP or having to pay overage charges.

The day that Sony actually makes use of that patent is the day I stop purchasing their consoles and products. I also won't purchase a digital-only console. I like physical copies of things that I spend $40-60 on.

They shouldn't bite the hand that feeds them. The 2nd hand market probably fuels plenty of sales of non-second hand items, such as the consoles themselves, peripherals for those consoles, other games, subscriptions to their online services for multiplayer, etc. It's the same fallacy the TV and movie industry is in - just because someone buys an item 2nd hand doesn't mean they ever would have purchased it new in the first place. You can't prove that there ever would have been a sale to lose in the first place.
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Romulus, MI
reply to Weirdal

said by Weirdal:

Won't really be necessary. Digital-only console games will come soon enough.

Ok here is a problem from my point of view with this. I AGRESSIVELY collect used games on multiple systems. If this goes through I essentially will have spent pointless money on Sony games. There is just no way they can have anything like this go through. That and personally, I would never buy a "digital-only" console.

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Mentor, OH
reply to Weirdal

I read an article a few months ago that the console makers decided to put off a digital only game console for a while. Mainly because there are still several million people without brandband connections. They either have dial up, satellite, or no internet service at all.
They article stated digital only will come, but not for a while.

Then you will have a fight with ISPs that impose usage caps.
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