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Crash Gordon
Drive It Like You Stole It

Smyrna, GA

AT&T Go the F#@! Away!

I kicked every AT&T service I had to the curb about 2 years ago, and made it VERY CLEAR as to why and that I'd do without before I even considered them for service (hell they couldn't pay ME to use them). But about every six months I get someone from AT&T knocking on my door (although I told the last ones politely to not bother me again and went through the whole reason I despise AT&T and got service through others speel). Well I get a knock on the door tonight and guess who, somebody from AT&T with the standard (don't know if you noticed our trucks in the area running new lines) Same BS they said the last several times, and I couldn't care less what they do, other than go out of business.

Oh yeah they still owe me credit for a few items. I'm not holding my breath on that, especially since I told them to kick rocks.

I did get a $7.86 check from the "DSL Speed Settlement" class action suit.

[/rant off]

Do I need to make a sign that says "if you're with AT&T don't even bother knocking"?

I live in a van down by the river.
Sugar Land, TX
Those door-to-door people are usually independent contractors that are told to go to all the homes in a certian area. I don't think they have anything like a "do not knock" list.

Germantown, TN
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I actually have a hand written sign on my front door. I have only had ONE political group come by. When I went to the door I took all their pamphlets and said thank you... this is the one I won't vote for. I guess word spread, never had any more come by.

Religious groups seem to have this idea they are exempt, or possibly don't know what solicitation means. I allow my dog to go to the door and bark through the screen those times.

I emailed the headquarters for advertising of AT&T. I am sure my email got lost however haven't been bothered with them except that one time.
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reply to Crash Gordon
For the last couple years at&t UVerse is hitting me up big time, those Door-to-Door people(it always seems one of them is "training') say they don't understand why I am willing to stay with TWC and pay more than their introductory rate when they can't(won't?) tell me what the rate will be after that period, they just say "regular rate".

Years ago I had Ameritech(SBC/at&t) DSL and the service itself was great although very expensive by today's standards and no other option other than dial-up, but installation was a nightmare, it was 6 MONTHS from my call to up and running, DSL was new at the time so I gave them the benefit.

Miami, FL

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You need one of these:

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Saint Louis, MO
Oh, I love that! I am definitely getting one for our front door. Our neighborhood is notorious for those 'will you buy something to keep me off the street' scams - we're ghetto adjacent, as the husband says - so it never fails that we get at least 2-3 teens doing this a week.

The thing is, we hardly use our front door except for food deliveries. All our access is through one of the two back doors (we have a very strange house).
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Crash Gordon
Drive It Like You Stole It

Smyrna, GA
reply to Rob
Oh yeah, I like that one. It's perfect. No profanities (which I don't care if it did or didn't) but still gets straight to the point. I like it.

I love you Fred
Ojai, CA
reply to Rob
I can picture that sign on my front door tomorrow.

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