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Big Stone Gap, VA

[speed/latency] Slow DSL 6PM-1AM. Same for my neighbor. Verizon

D-Link Model DSL-2750B
Service: 3.1 - 7.0 MB/S

The fastest speed I have received in the past 2 months has been 2.8MB download.

I have noticed my speeds start declining at about 6PM and by 8PM-9PM, I drop below 1MB. I remain below 1MB until 12AM-1AM and then the speed will increase back up to over 2MB. Below is a log.

1.19MB Down www.speedtest.net/result/2404244528.png Dec. 30 6:22PM EST
0.92MB Down www.speedtest.net/result/2404292071.png Dec. 30 7:08PM EST
1.06MB Down www.speedtest.net/result/2406208268.png Jan. 1 1:14AM EST
0.62MB Down www.speedtest.net/result/2409966754.png Jan. 4 10:27PM EST
0.50MB Down www.speedtest.net/result/2409987054.png Jan. 4 10:44PM EST
0.76MB Down www.speedtest.net/result/2414701205.png Jan. 5 12:05AM EST

The modem I am using is brand new, Verizon just shipped to me. I have a direct ethernet connection from my computer to the modem, not wireless. When I speed test, I turn my Antivirus off. No programs that would use bandwidth, such as file sharing are running.

I have a 2 Wire splitter in my phone jack. A filter + phone on one side/ dsl cable (about 5 ft. long) on the other side running to modem.

I have tried:
Connect the dsl cable directly to the jack removing the splitter completely
A different dsl cable
A different cat5 cable from modem to computer
A different splitter
Connecting the modem to a phone jack in a different room
Using my laptop, connect the modem to the test jack outside
Different modem (this one is new, I had been using a Westell 6800)
Scan for viruses/malware- none found
Scan for viruses/malware with a different program- none found
Scan for rootkit
Connect from a different computer
Reset button on modem
Power off and on the modem (everyday, no change)
Release/renew IP address
No need to clean computer files, I keep the computer clean and junk free already!
Move the modem up high away from anything that will generate heat (isolated on desk hutch)
I don't use anything that would cause interference like cordless phones, cb radios, etc.

I have a neighbor who lives less than a mile from me. We both have the same Verizon DSL plan. When I am experiencing a problem, he also experiences a problem. I doubt this is a coincidence, but when I tell Verizon tech support this, they seem to think that information is not important or relevant to my issue.

No changes have been made at all in my home and I cannot think of a reason why this would happen

I would post transceiver data but can't find how to do so with this particular modem. From what I am seeing online, I can't access that on my end.

Verizon DSL tech support have been working with me to resolve this as I call everyday. They keep telling me "We have tested our speed from our end and we see that you are receiving the correct speed. We do not see any problem with your line. We cannot see anything on our end causing your issue". I am told that everyday, but I will still call them again tomorrow in hopes that I finally get someone who can help.

Has anyone here had this issue? Any suggestions as to anything else I can do to try to troubleshoot this to find out where my problem lies? Thanks!



Re: [speed/latency] Slow DSL 6PM-1AM. Same for my neighbor. Veri

I am Melissa's neighbor that is less than a mile away. I am having the same issues as she is.

I have tried everything she has with no success. Even tech support in the past has not done any good with the slow DSL issue. Our speeds drop at the same time and they end up at dial-up speeds 56kbps which is very unacceptable.

I do not have anything running on my computers that can cause this issue. I have amateur radio in the house and they do not cause the drop in speed. I run virus, spyware, malware, rootkit scans and they all come up with clean. I defrag and run disk cleaner and still get this slow internet starting around 6pm lasting till about 12am EST.

I have been turned down for work at home jobs because of your slow internet and I have had issues while working at home due to your slow speeds during those times in which the net is choked to 56k dial-up speed. I cannot use my ps3, laptop or even browse on video sites due to this slow speed.

I do not know what it has to take to get this issue resolved after I have called in several times to report the problem in the past year or so with zero results.


Big Stone Gap, VA
Like my neighbor says, our speeds drop below dial up. Sometimes my upload speed exceeds my download speed.

Verizon doesn't seem to be able to figure out what the cause of this is. I was hoping to post here and maybe someone who is familiar with Verizon service can point us in the right direction as to how we can get this fixed ourselves or get Verizon on it to resolve it.



At 1am EST my speed for download and upload is at 56k dial up speed. This is the problem we are talking about and seems that we can't get fixed. I have had this issue for a year and half now and Verizon has it on record that this happens. I have made several calls in the past year and half with zero results. I am about 90% convinced and ready to make the move to Comcast cable internet. I came to verizon after I left Comcast due to major disruptions in service and I had very good service up until about a year and half ago.

I am a National Weather Service sky-warn spotter and I work at home for myself on the computer. I cannot be having 56k dial up speeds for working at home or sky-warn.

.80mbps download and .70mbps upload is not acceptable.



1 recommendation

Your symptoms usually mean that both of you are suffering from network congestion problems. Your DSLAM may be oversubscribed. The only permanent fix is for Verizon to add/upgrade equipment on their end, which they probably won't do because they have been trying to get out of copper-based broadband for a long time.

You can get an idea of where the problem is by running the line quality test from this site when you have the slowdown and when you don't: »/pingtest You need to sign up to run the test.

If you want to post your results here, be sure to use the results that block out your ip address.

Things that you might also want to do is go into your modem's GUI and find the speed at which you're syncing and find out what your SNR (signal to noise ratio) is and what your attenuation is.

Buttons, Bows, Beamer, Shadow, Kasey
Stewartstown, PA
reply to clarkmelissa
If you guys private message me your phone numbers I'll see if the congestion is somewhere we might be able to get around it.


Big Stone Gap, VA
I sent you that information. Thanks.