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Re: [DSL] Frontier Siemens SE567 vs. Netgear 7550

What you're probably noticing is ARP activity on your network. The new modems such as the Westell 7500 and the Netgear 7550 have a Network List which the modems themselves maintain. To do this they use ARP which is a one to all protocol on a network. It broadcasts to every port BUT the Internet as it scans. It does this to detect devices with static IPs in the same subnet as the rest of your network.

If you want that to stop, log into the modem at » or » using the username of admin/admin respectively, and then click on "My Connected Network" or "My Network" at the top of the navigation. From here, there will be a button towards the right of the page to disable Network Scanning. This shuts off the network list but it also cuts down on all of that ARP activity when you have no devices connected.


Thanks guys. My biggest concern is/was that I have an Apple Time Capsule connected (which is constantly blinking, staying active & fairly warm.)

The darned thing has been replaced twice under warranty (an expensive piece of crap.) When it self destructs again, it's my baby & won't be replaced with the same, though It is useful for file sharing between systems. (I'm slowly migrating from the Mac platform.)