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reply to Grail Knight

Re: France's ISP deploys ad blocking via firmware update

To me the issues are:

Do you want an ISP deciding what you can or can't see on the internet? Isn't that contrary to the concept of what the internet stands for?

Do all sites that employ the ad based model then cease to exist? Does the ISP chose which ads it wants to permit (its own) versus those of others? (The ad based model on tv allows the user a choice: premium content that the user pays for or "free" content that the advertiser pays for.)

What happens when the default ad block software gets it wrong? What happens when they block access to something that the user needs, and without it the site won't work properly? As an example, if they start blocking things at yahoo, I don't think the user can get yahoo mail to work. Does the ISP get to decide which email service you use or which newspaper you can read?

Hilo, HI

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The obvious question here is why does anyone "need" Yahoo? I have had Yahoo blocked in my Hosts file for at least 12 years. They are the worst of trackers and I chose long ago to take a political stance on creeps like them. Fellow creeps like AT&T that I have been told use Yahoo for their subscribers email client were able to do this because not enough people stood up and said "No, I won't take it anymore" to AT&T's laziness and greed in refusing to provide users with a proper email service not tied to a super spyer.

I don't particularly want an ISP deciding that all ads are blocked but isn't that better than the prostitution that is so widespread among users? Why haven't users enmass killed Yahoo's terrible privacy stance by boycotting the site? If it takes a courageous ISP to wake people up ...so be it. Of course, people may be so far gone into their addiction to sites like Yahoo that nothing will save the internet or most humans.
When governments fear people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. Thomas Jefferson