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charter user


4 hd boxes and 3 will not go above channel 21

I have 4 hd boxes. 3 of these boxes will not go above channel 21 after the tech sent them a hit. the 4th one works absolutely great. They are all on the same 4 way splitter and the signals to splitter are great. tech called charter and made sure the billing was correct and they said it was but he still could not figure this out. when the cable is run straight into the back of the tv all channels come in. there is no trap on the line just a straight connection to the aerial tap. tech tried a digital box and the same thing happened. after the hit digital box would not get any channels above channel 21. any thoughts? tech created ticket for this to be looked at. tech went above and beyond what he needed to do as he was here for 6 hours trying to find the cause and even came back the next day for an additional 3 hours but came up empty. any thoughts or help would be appreciated.



Does it give you an error messages on the stations after channel 21 or does it just cycle back around to channel 1?


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Generally related to an account issue.
Does it give the message of "You do not subscribe to this channels" or something along those lines?

Won't be a mainline or headend issue as all the boxes would be affected and so would everyone else on the node.


Holland, MI
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Sorry to ask this during your time of trouble, but I been thinking of adding one or more HD boxes to my current one I have with Charter...what are the costs to add more HD boxes?



$5 each, or is it $10 ($5 for a box +$5 more for a HD box)?


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5 dollars per box dvr, HD or dct. the dvr service is then 20 more smackers.


Bear Lake, MI
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Sounds like there are some placeholders missing on your account, Has that been checked?


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Call support and ask them to send a initilization hit to the box, or INT hit, this will reload the channel map of the boxes and most likely correct the problem, Placeholders won't help all they do is HOLD THE PLACE of equipment, thus why they're called placeholders. Let me know if this works


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Call tech support and make sure that your account has another digital AOs in the billing system to match the never of equipment you have. If the digital AO amount is lower than equipment this may cause equipment to be disabled. This may have already been checked, but it never hurts to check again.


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It depends dsl14350...Is your main tv package called digital home or Tv select? Because if you have the digital home package and you want to upgrade one of your current digital boxes to hd, it would be $5 more so $10 total for an hd box or if your tv package is TV select, it's just simply $5 total for a hd box.