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Edgewood, TX

[General] New HomeFusion customer opinions..

Just got HomeFusion on the 5th. It's blazing fast as far as the technology goes.

The router is a piece crap. Technicolor?!? never heard of them as router manufacturers.. at least not being anything mainstream.

I wish I could get my Linksys WRT310N with DD-WRT firmware to act as the main router and just set the TG790 MBR as a bridge and pass the public IP to my Linksys.

I can't even access the TG790 MBR going through my WRT310. I have to either be directly connected to a LAN port or connected wirelessly on the TG790 to get to (

The GUI interface is not very technical in what you can do.. I'm getting confused on how this whole MBR works in connection with the Cantenna. The Cantenna has a DHCP and DNS server and so does the TG790. I see no option to change the IP address to something like a 10.*.*.* subnet.

Perhaps there's some HomeFusion gurus out there that are doing exactly that and tell me how they are doing it??


The homefusion router is a pretty good router,but i have no idea how to bridge that stuff together.


Cobbs Creek, VA
reply to TexasRebel
try running cat5 from a Fusion router LAN port to the Linksys WAN port, then connect to the Linksys
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Edgewood, TX
I got it to work. I turned off the WAN side of the Linksys and set it to be part of the LAN switch of the Linksys.

That's the beauty of running DD-WRT firmware on a Linksys. Changes a $50 router into a $500 one.

The WRT310N is running DHCP and I have the DHCP of the TG790 HF router turned off. The gateway for the WRT310N is pointing to If you point it to, I can't get out to the internet.

I'm not keen on how these items are even working. An outdoor antenna that has a DHCP/DNS and a internal router that also has a DHCP/DNS. From the documentation I've looked over, it looks like the Cantenna is designed to work with multiple internal routers. is the Cantenna. is the HF router.

From what I can tell there is no way to change those values. Perhaps in the future there will be firmware/software upgrades to fix this.