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[DSL] dsl and dry loop

I am asking this question on behalf of a friend. A friend of mine has a DSL with teksavvy. He has a land line with bell that he is hoping to get rid of. He wants to port his number to voip.ms. I understand that he has to use dry loop for the dsl connection.

I thought the first thing he has to do is to:
1) port his bell number to voip.ms
2) once ported, call teksavvy to enable dry loop

I imagine it will be some down time when dsl is not usable.

What's the best steps to accomplish this goal to avoid/minimize the dsl down time. Thanks.


Nepean, ON
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First, I would order the VoIP service; this runs on any internet connection. Don't cancel the landline service until the port has been done and your VoIP is working.

Then have the dry loop installed on your second line while keeping your original DSL service. Once your dry loop is up and running, switch the wires in your basement. TekSavvy should take care of canceling the DSL on the other line.

TSI Jonathan
reply to wooi
Hi wooi,

The best thing to do would be to contact us to set everything before hand so that we have the dates and everything setup properly. He will need to pay for the activation fee once again depending on the type of service he has + the dry-loop activation fee of $19.99.

We usually need 5 business days notice to get a DSL service activated but if he knows exactly when his phone service will be ported we can set the dry-loop to be active on the next day.

If you have any other questions please feel free to ask.


TSI Jonathan
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