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reply to Jeffrez

Re: community meetings planned over windstream service

Ah, good. So it looks like Piedmont, MO is the place. Here's a link specifically about the meeting you mentioned:


This is what really grinds my gears about the WS problems - my unborn grandchildren get to pay for it:

Fitzwater said that he received a telephone call from Big River Telephone last week. Big River owns the advanced wireless spectrum for Wayne County. When the federal government awarded stimulus money a couple of years ago, Big River received a huge grant to provide high speed internet to a large region in Southeast Missouri. Big River’s upgrades came to the Wayne/Bollinger county line. Fitzwater said that Big River did not come into Wayne County because another company received federal funding. Windstream received $10.3 million in stimulus money to provide internet upgrades; Wayne County was listed as one area where money would be spent.


Swanton, OH

10.3m in stimulus, but they can buy another company out for mutli-billion?

What the hell?

I Actually use Windstream
Orange Springs, FL
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I had the same reaction. All this stimulus money. I heard almost 4 years ago that their would be no upgrades until stimulus money was available, that they were broke on several calls to Windstream. Broke? Give me a break. They just wanted corporate welfare, and mean time they cook the books so they are broke. Give Jeff almost 6 mil a year for what? destroying a company? But other companies so they can leverage them out. Just like Verizon won't put a tower up in my town but they have the money to buy out other carriers. Read about how this works and you will see. It truly is robbery.
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