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Aubrey, TX

Re: [Rant] TV...We Just Couldn't Be Satisfied (long)

Nearly $450 per month for stupid TV? Good gawd.

Well the Time Warner portion includes 50/5 Broadband and Digital Phone, so no, it isn’t just for TV. But those figures don’t include the season sports packages though. Usually I subscribe to MLB Extra Innings and NHL Center Ice every year, I do ESPN GamePlan once every few years and this year for the first time ever I subscribed to NFL Sunday Ticket. And if they weren’t on the west coast, I’d subscribe to NBA League Pass for the LA Clippers. But it’s kinda tough to watch an entire basketball game, when they start at 10 or 10:30 my time and then have to get up at 3:30 in the morning for work. And, if Time Warner didn’t come to an agreement with NFL Network this year, I was seriously considering do the trifecta and unthinkable (since I hate Dish and Charlie Ergan) and subscribing to Dish Network again, since DirecTV doesn’t carry the real Red Zone channel.

I suppose though it would be more widely accepted if I took that $450, went bar hopping every Friday and Saturday night, drank myself into near coma then when down to the local strip joint to buy me and the ‘bros’ a couple of lap dances only to piss it all out and feel like shit a few hours later. I know a guy whose wife and him spend $250/month voluntarily killing themselves by smoking cancer sticks. I addicted to electronic gadgets and toys. I buy new smartphones every few months, I enjoy watching sports and movies and good suspenseful TV and after 12-14 hour work days I really have no motivation to do much of anything else.

Want some other high cost things? I pay $200/month for my Verizon Wireless service. I have a tablet and an air card on Sprint, that’s another $90/month, and I have a few subscriptions to XM and Sirius.
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