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Jeremy W

reply to mikeyg5

Re: [Speed] near 56k dialup speeds certain times of day

There's clearly something going on with your connection, but if you're calling that "near 56k dialup speeds" then you've never actually experienced 56k dialup. The speeds you're getting are faster than my first cable modem connection, which was lightning fast compared to 56k. </oldtimer>

Central City, KY
At the time that screen shot was taken it was actually doing better then it had been and yes i know what dial was, i had it for years as well, im not a young whipper snapler LOL.

A tech is suppose to be here at 5pm today but so far is a no show. Still waiting

I have called comcast twice over the provisioning and both times they stated that it was correct. 2nd call the person removed it and then added it back becauae i had to give them the serial # and mac again to make sure it was all correct.