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Augusta, GA
reply to Skittles

Re: 5.2 transmog changes

The video doesn't clarify if you can make a "main hand" weapon look like a "1 hand" weapon, or the inverse.
For Rogues, by Rogues, to be used at the Rogue drive through when you order a side-order of Rogue.

ya I know, but supposedly there was a tweet by a blue stating that MH restrictions will be lifted though I cant access that at work so I guess I will wait til I can find a confirmation and I will post it.


Saint Paul, MN
What about T-mogging a 1h to a 2h, and vice versa? Seems doubtful, but that's what I really want.
Polluxx - LvL 90 Human Warrior - (US) Nathrezim


Augusta, GA
its called titan's grip/single minded fury

I really want the "main hand" limitations lifted. I have a few cool looking caster weapons on my pally that I would love to use on my tank set, and/or other 2handers i would like to use to tmogg my sha-touched weapon.


united state
reply to Venom1
said by Venom1:

The video doesn't clarify if you can make a "main hand" weapon look like a "1 hand" weapon, or the inverse.

This was MMO Champions comments from Sunday:

Patch 5.2 Transmogrification Changes
As part of the the transmogrification changes being implemented in Patch 5.2, almost every Main Hand weapon was converted to a One Hand weapon. You can see the list of the remaining Main Hand weapons here.

As far as the other previously mentioned changes go, almost every type has been implemented so far. Most two handed weapons that share animations can now be transmogrified with each other, as well as most one handed weapons with other one handed weapons. Keep in mind that this is the first build of Patch 5.2, and more changes could come in later builds.

Daggers cannot be transmogrified into swords or vice versa.
Polearms cannot be transmogrified into other two handed weapons.
Fist Weapons cannot be transmogrified into other one handed weapons.