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West Tenness
reply to kennewickman

Re: [HSI] So I had a Motorola SB6121 provisioned (slow)

said by kennewickman:

This morning I was pulling down ~17Mbps (over a mixed wireless B/G access point). So something is changing. I didn't have time to do more in depth testing (direct to modem, wired regular network, 5GHz N), as I had to leave for work. I'll keep an eye on it before dragging that new modem back to Charter for a replacement or having them schedule someone to look at my wiring.

How would test wireless N over a router that only get wireless B/G?

Anyways wireless B would be an issue as wireless B Maxes out at 11 Mbps at best. Even wireless G maxes out at 54 Mbps but that theoretical at best.

Las year I wasn't even getting 20 Mbps consistently on an old Linksys wireless GS router. Got a newer Netgear Wireless N router and got the speeds I was supposed to.


Kennewick, WA
I have an access point that is for older devices, and one running N; the bulk of my wireless network is N @ 5GHz. As it turned out this morning, I didn't really have time to dig too deeply, and the laptop that can only pick up B/G was on, and I got the ~17Mbps.

Tonight when things calm down I'll dig in a little more and report back for those who may be interested.

Sorry -- I should have clarified that I have 2 access points, a wired network and a DMZ (for my SprintPCS femto-cell) all on different VLANs.

The puzzling issue was last night: a laptop pulling DHCP straight from the modem with an ethernet cable was getting like 2Mbps (after resetting all network settings to default and cleaning house). Before I put it all away for the night, I plugged things back in how I usually do and woke up with a lot more bandwidth. I'll do a firmware version check; that may have done something.

Thanks for the post!


Kennewick, WA
All signs are pointing to over-congestion at peak hours. Came home at about 5:30PM to 2-3Mbps and I checked off and on until about 11PM where it was at about 12Mbps/ This morning it was about 18.

There is another thread about my area happening, and I am fitting the profile. I'll just assume my modem is fine, and my equipment and wiring hasn't magically failed at the exact time I switched modems.

Thanks all for the replies.