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Re: [Internet] [OOL] Problem with xbox live for about 4 months

I happen to be in the same room as my modem, but i have about a 25 foot long wire that runs over to my xbox. I've moved my xbox up close to my modem and tested playing with a normal, short wire and had the same result. As for doing pack loss, i had a rep out around 5 days ago who tested all my lines for loss with his hand held machine. Im not sure if it is the same but, if not, can you explain the steps for testing the IP you talked about in your reply?


Ronkonkoma, NY
·Optimum Online
If your router allows you to see a list of active connections, you can shut everything down for a minute or two, connect to XBL, then try to ping the IP address that is newly listed. There are multiple IP addresses, I'm sure, but testing one that is giving you problems may help confirm or eliminate that as a cause.

Finding the IP is the hard part as the router may not show that. You can google your router model number & active connection ip to see if you can get instructions on exactly where it may be listed. If you get the IP, open a command prompt and type:

ping [ip address found] -t

After a few minutes, control c will stop the ping and give you stats on packet loss.


Ok, i have my xbox as a reserved IP so it shouldn't be hard to find. Tomorrow, ill ping my xbox's IP and post the results of here.


Brooklyn, NY
reply to Bones13
CV does not block ports that are required for xbox to work. If you connected your xbox directly to your modem, bypassing a router, every needed port is open.
Block/filtered/closed ports would not cause random lag spikes or drops in voice chat.

It sounds like either games' servers are shit or people you talk to over xbox have shit connections...
Or you have a bad controller which does not register your every input.
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