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[BC] Re: Internal Gateway Problems

Hi everyone I recently got internet from a competitor cable company. I am really concerned that something isn't configured properly. I have never used this ISP before but for some reason I can see two internal machines or routers on the network.

Well maybe more.

But seriously I see and active connections as if its my internal. Its rather confusing to do this because now a exernal ip is configured internally and dns solutions are nearly impossible because the recursion has to " Work through " so many hops.

I can litteral see the cisco interfaces etc. It looks rather silly. I dont want to log into someones devices on the network but the fact I can even see this sort of stuff Is weird. When I was on shaw I never saw this.

As well the signal is so week that if I dont run my primary dns NOTAUTH server the internet completely fails.

Heres the weird part it gets better....

When I put them into the forwarder list " THEY ARE REFUSING DNS " Ok this is again rather silly since you need to allow me dns on your internal dns since I am a internet customer.

They literally seem to have me not added in the list which makes it impossible to see the net without extraordinary effort on my part and a great deal of understanding of something no one has any idea is in the main stream.

Ummm Just a theory but I would assume someone is using me to hide behind dns delegation as another layer of protection from the internet?

I just dont understand why I would have to run a dns NOTAUTH server just to see the internet at all.

Also 10.22 I see something microsoft related and 192.168.64 I see something as well.

Can you guys just add my ip internals if your really worried about that layer there. Just a thought If you added my internal network ips with your external dns servers in the name list it would basically do the same thing to some extent to assist me in seeing the internet.

Why am I doing this.

As well providing myself support should be my first concern but really you should do something too I think.

Sincerely, Have Nothing Will Not Travel

Oh yeah can you offer me some advice I forgot to add that.

Calgary, AB
From a competitor cable company,

Teksavvy? Or completely seperate from Shaw.

We can't begin to figure out what all is going on, without being to at least look up what this competitor is doing, or if this should be posted in a different section.
Yes, I am not employed and looking for IT work. Have passport, will travel.

reply to hughsfan
I heard of stuff like this. Back in the day ( Late 80's ) they would set up things like this for the gifted. The top 1 percent of 1 percent of defcon champions under 20 mostly. Some ips were awarded to the winners of hacking competitions on test boxes ect. Most root servers look something like 192.168.67 these days though. Everything when it gets too big tends to fail if its not reinforced with the brilliant minds that created it. I would suggest that possibly companies like shaw have delegated most of there systems that haven't failed or completely failed domestically overseas. While canadianed owned and operated over 52% ownership is not my dept I would suggest that failing to enforce this would allow things to run a muck.

I dont want to sound rude and like I know everything because I dont but kevinds does have a good point but seems curious of your provider more than offering any solution.

To me it sounds like its a attitude problem with the provider since everyone has to work together and have the brains to do so. Not to mention add your internals to the recursion list or your main ip to the recursion list or however they make up the net. Its obvious to me that sounds like someone just hates you and gave you something out of spite because they will never understand flow as well as you.

While you might have money brains can't be bought. I guess the US tried with the brain drain and just never succeeded because of lack of technical support.

Who cares what one man does anyway. But not to be to insulting to you I am sure your pretty good at fixing things but if you can't even talk to your isp because in your " PM " you stated they are argumentative and inacurate and lying constantly.

Its difficult to maintain a service for someone that obviously is doing everything in there power so you leave the service but litterally doing less than nothing to set it up or have even the foggiest of what a password is.

It would seem to my rudimentary observation the entire system is systemically failing around you and your picking up the pieces as best you can because no one gives a crap.

Its too bad you have to do everything like that. I guess they will always be second best.

Are they at least funny? That would make up for it I would think. Too bad then didnt' know how to assist you though sounds interesting network. So you can really see everyones internals? Like all 14 of them? Thats not allot " in your pm " a gateway can have as many as 254 unless it was over 100 grand then it might have 256 or 257 and sync in a special way. Some also maybe "ghosts in the machine" and just be shells and actively pingable on the internal. Most default settings on routers allow icmp pinging on " Internals " but need to be configured seperately to check external pings which would allow a degree of probing on the network.

Maybe you like probing. Maybe you dont. Heck maybe you even spent time in prison who knows. I would imagine if you did you would get allot better not worst at whatever you do.

Anyway I hope this helps. But Im sure by the sounds of it you always just make things better and people crap all over you have no skill and dont care either way and leave at the end of the day and never understand. Which is good in a way but its too bad you guys couldn't learn to work together and isp so beligerant. Perhaps it to me sounds like that all dont even deserve you but because you are there last resort maybe cast asside from everyone because of a attitude issue " But have money " . Its the typical cable attitude. Somethings you cant buy though like respect. I wish I had a ghost in the machine looking after me like that. Maybe I do at the firmware level in some remote country I never thought of that hmmmm. Good thing I dont work at cisco next thing they would want me fixing the wireless. Maybe my lack of understanding of what is really going on is insulting to you but still people have to provide services if they sell it or it because rather stupid looking when you lose all installation licenses and are on the side of the road picking pop bottles. Either way to some extent if you have 1 million dollars required to start yoru own isp and find out there is only 4 thousand stable accounts in the Comox Valley which sounds like your only concerned about it would never pay for more than about 5 employees or so. So its rather stupid to begin with. Or am I wrong?


Calgary, AB
reply to kevinds
why do I get the feeling that these guys aren't in Canada?


Burnaby, BC
I just got brain whiplash trying to clue in to this senseless discussion,
who do I send the medical bill to?


Edmonton, AB
reply to hughsfan
The first thing we need to see is a traceroute or some other piece of information as this post (although lengthy) is rather devoid of any useful information.

If you are seeing 10.x IP's either A) You have manually done this on your own internal network, B) You are for some reason seeing the internal IP assigned by the DOCSIS router to the modem, or C) you are confused.

Being able to see the actual router interfaces isn't surprising either. Some companies name the hops after the interface they are connected to. For example " []" appears on a traceroute from my house. This is because the actual port is named rc2ar-ge9-1. Is this similar information to what you are seeing?

As for your (from what I understand you are running) DNS server being refused I am not surprised. Are you sure you have put in the proper IP address? Why not just use Google's if you are having so many issues with your ISP? Again with the whole NOTAUTH response you seem to be receiving...I have never heard of someone running a NOTAUTH server, NOTAUTH is a DNS response given when a DNS server is attempting to update a zone in which it is not authorized to do so (which in your situation would be proper as your ISP will not allow a user to update DNS records. I that were allowed then anybody could make a DNS update that says should point to

Also 10.22 I see something microsoft related and 192.168.64 I see something as well.

The only reason you would be able to see 10.22.x.x and 192.168.64.x at the same time is either A) you have 2 network cards, or B) you have your subnet mask set to something invalid like (which I am pretty sure would not work)

I think this is great info just curious I traced your example to yet interestingly enough I only see and a few other arin's top level assignment of your rc2ar-ge9-1 to so assuming that your base for building your net is on this I am either on a tier above yours or possibly even on your local and cant see it. Strange enough I am not on shaw so I cant see that as being possible.

As you all know the internet all has its peers From Tier 1 and downwards can we all agree that arin is the ultimate top level designation or do you also mix with lists as well?

So as you can see there is many alternate paths to the same place on the net and things are always as they appear.

Since I see arin first and the second designation of shaws servers for that gateway something is a bit off from where I am. Maybe we share a internal gateway or something.

rc2ar-ge9-1 could be a local for me maybe and I see arin's delegation to the whole name since we share a faster path to the same place?

Hmmm interesting though thanks for this I learning allot on how the nets made.