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Re: Need wireless module

How much bandwidth do you need? Microchip has B and B/G modules that are controlled via SPI, but the included TCP/IP stack is only for their PICs.

Redpine Signals has both B/G/N and A/B/G/N modules that have an integrated processor and TCP/IP stack, but allows the TCP/IP stack to be bypassed when interfaced with via SPI.

Edit: lutful See Profile's post raises a good question: is this for a simple device with nothing more then a microcontroller, or is it a real system running a real OS? What type of interface (async serial, SPI, parallel, SDIO, PCI, PCIe) were you hoping to use?


Black Box


Thank you all.

It is a relatively simple device but needs to operate in a cryptographically hostile environment, therefore the IPSec requirement on top of WPA. It needs to use a relatively few kB/s, most of them filler packets. Power consumption will not be an issue (always fed from mains) and the WiFi range needs to be 30 to 100 meters (more is better, even more is even better) line of sight without obstructions.

In case of an module that contains a programmable CPU/uC it will need to command the final drive via SPI/UART/I2C (whatever is available) and possibly a couple of GPIO pins for signaling.

I'll take a look at the suggested modules and I'll report back.
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