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Elkins, WV
reply to jamesonnorth

Re: Putting server in DMZ AND local network

why not instead of all the DMZ just port forward a few things to your box like http/ftp/ssh? seems simpler.


Modoc, IN
It'll just be a server for me. I won't be hosting things for other people. I doubt I'll be transferring enough data for Frontier to really care. I've been backing up files to an online backup service, but I have about 1.2TB of data to back up, so on my 6/1 connection it'll take a while. I figure if I have the FTP server for me to access work and school files on the go, it'll help make things work better until everything's online. I'll only be using the server for files under 5MB, and only for occasional use.

I tried forwarding FTP (ports 20 and 21) to my server but it didn't work besides connecting to localhost from the server itself. If you have any advice on making that work, I'd appreciate it.

Frontier is supposed to be installing a second wire pair from the CO to my house so I can run the 12/2 package, so for normal light use, 2mbit should be enough to run FTP for just me.
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