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Upper Marlboro, MD
reply to kchase77

Re: Can I use the unlimited plan for home Internet?

said by kchase77 :

Thanks for the prompt reply, helpful.

What if I did this: »www.sprint.com/landings/compare/···:Compare

$80 a month unlimited with Sprint...I live in a 4G LTE area....download and stream to my heart's content on this plan...more than 150GB cap on ATT...then transfer what I've downloaded to my Mac and capture streaming off the IPhone or IPad and transfer to the Mac. No tethering, dongling, or whatever. Does this violate anything? Would they still cut me off for using so much on an unlimited plan as long as I did not tether?

Sprint and T-mobile are the only ones pushing truly unlimited. If you were to download to the phone then transfer, I don't see how that is tethering, but remember their contract, prepaid or postpaid, says they still reserve the right to "adjust" users who are impacting their network adversely for other users.
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Royse City, TX

When I told the chat agent exactly what I would be using it for, and I was very honest (torrenting/filesharing), he said he did not know and that I should call technical support.

Wonder if it is even worth calling them?