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burger eater


[Newsgroups] 1 buck block accounts?

Any good providers around offering that? I don't want to waste my dollar.


united state
Are you joking? The cheapest I see is $5 (for 25GB) from NewsDemon:

burger eater

Looks funny but I'm dead serious. It'd have been cool if by NewsDemon's rate I'd get 5GB. Thanks anyway

Alfred, ME
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reply to burger eater
We have $2.75 for 5 gigs, fwiw. Hard to offer for a dollar or less as the payment fees would be a large percentage of that.
Usenet Block Accounts | Unlimited Accounts

Tempe, AZ
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Yeah as swintec said any business doing CC online is going to be getting charged on average 20-40 cents on a transaction and possibly more if there ends up being charge backs, fraud, etc. It is simply not worth the effort to sell a 1$ account. What happens when they email support because their backup account isnt working anymore. They just lost the $10 it costs to pay a tech support guy for an hour.

burger eater

Transaction fees never crossed my mind, too busy trying to use the $1. Your replies put it in perspective. It's a waste in the end. Thanks for the offer Swintec!.


Saint-Constant, QC
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Minimum transaction fees

As of 10 June 2012, minimum transaction fees on the original Bitcoin client are:

Accept a transaction for inclusion in a block: 0.0005 BTC
Relay a transaction to other Bitcoin hosts: 0.0001 BTC

A transaction can be sent without fees if both of these conditions are met:

It is smaller than 10 (SI) kilobytes (10.000 bytes).
All outputs are 0.01 BTC or larger.

transaction fees with bitcoin wouldn't be a problem

FYI 1 BTC = 13.50$ approx.


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I haven't found any $1 block accounts, but NewsDemon does have 10 GB for $2. It's currently listed right on their front page. Or just follow the link below & scroll down to "Non-Expiring Block Plans". How do I know this? I had exactly $2 left in my PayPal account, so I went looking around and bought this block yesterday


The money would have went to BlockNews (adding to my existing block) if only I had another 75 cents

Thundernews.com lists a 10 GB block for $1.99 (but no SSL, the same block with SSL is $3.99).
Usenet-News.net also shows a $2 block, but it is only 2 GB & PayPal is not an option.
I have no experience with either of these two...


reply to burger eater

Ok, here's the closest I can get you to a buck (using PayPal)..

There is a 4 GB block on SSL-News.info for 0.99 Euro.
With the current Euro/Dollar conversion, that would be $1.31 USD.

Add the coupon code "HappyNewYear" for 20% off, and that brings it down to 0.79 Euro
(I don't know how long this code lasts).

With the current Euro/Dollar conversion, that's $1.05 USD.
Tack on 2.5% PayPal currency conversion fee, and you have a 4 GB block for ~ $1.08

But, if you don't have the extra 8 cents, it might as well be a million.