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Tucson, AZ

We've had Verizon LTE for awhile in Tucson but...

In the last month or two the coverage has really sucked. Drops to 3G frequently, or coverage dies completely. Its not just my phone either I asked our Helpdesk at work and lots of employees have been reporting it through out the city.


Binghamton, NY

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Mine is rock-solid in Wilkes Barre PA, will only drop back to 3G if I'm indoors somewhere with marginal signal, and in those instances 3G doesn't exactly well work either. Nothing VZW can do about construction materials that attenuate their signal...

West Tenness
said by Crookshanks:

Nothing VZW can do about construction materials that attenuate their signal...

People seems to think so. They think mobile communications work by magic or something.


It's actually true, their are actually materials that will literally block all wireless communications, while those aren't used in construction often, their are some that are fairly good at it like brick.
I live in a brick apartment building and all of the major carriers provide 4 or 5 bars outside my apartment and 0 - 2, occasionally 3 inside, all my friends bitch about the signal in my apartment. Using Lower frequencies like Verizon does will help, but it can't magically work it's way through every material. I actually just purchased a repeater to put in the window to fix the issue.

If you live in a fringe area, they probably should put a new tower in there somewhere though. In general I would recommend against signing a contract with a carrier who tells you your in a fringe area, many times your can get out of a contract if it's discovered later.

It isn't magic, but it is science and most electromagnetic waves can be blocked by some materials and they can't change that fact.


Tucson, AZ
I suppose it could be the sheet of glass and the 700ft of air between me and the tower causing the issue. Unfortunately when I go out on to our 4th floor patio to remove the glass barrier I still have the issue.
It has been worse all through out the city in my experience either way.


I wasn't said your particular issue was related to building materials, simply that the comment that building materials can cause attenuation is true, it can be the cause of signal issues.
Not that it always is, equipment on towers can be the issue, poor coverage can be the issue, etc.