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My Goal Is To Deny Yours
Grand Rapids, MI
reply to OHN

Re: Salary Research for Negotiation

said by OHN:

No certifications. Highest level is high school. I have on the job training. I have been doing this specific function for 10 years now (Banking 17+ years). Yes, I live in Los Angeles.

Again, keep in mind, I have a peer in my same area that does the same managerial functions as me (managing call center), minus the technical area and is of a higher level/pay. I can do what she can do, but she cannot do what I do. Ironically, it almost looks like having the technical expertise hurts me.

Actually, what hurts you the worst is that you have no certs and no degree.

What does your peer have in terms of a degree or certifications? What about your peer's experience level?

I know these questions have been asked already, but I thought I would mention them again because they are important. If your peer has a college degree or certifications along with the same experience level you have, then that would answer the pay disparity.
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Appleton, WI

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They dont have any degrees. Also, their focus is banking only while mine is banking and all the hats I wear technology wise. For the last 10 years I have been here, this person has been below me 5 years. It was not until recently they were promoted and to a level which is higher than mine. Their title is simply called Center Manager.