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Mississauga, ON
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Re: OVH pricing at Montreal datacenter is... insane?

I have been renting servers with OVH since 2006. Before they allowed only French citizens and countries with official languages as French to buy on their site www.ovh.com Montreal was part of that and the only province in Canada to be able to order directly. Otherwise you needed a french address and a french credit card number.

OVH was cheap at that point too offering 100mbit unmetered servers for 40-50 euros a month. They became really popular and were able to grow massively partly because of their pricing which lured all p2p users to rent their servers as "seedboxes". Resellers who were able to order form france were selling servers at a good 20 euros premium making them very profitable.

Seeing their business boom rapidly, they were able to internalize all their operations from building their own datacenters, to eco friendly electricity generation, build their own servers from scratch, own land and property rather than lease. All these business deals made them pass their savings to customers on their lower range of the servers.

However, OVH is not premium routing. If you download using a single thread and you are in Canada, you will get around 200-300KB/sec tops. Compare that to someone like softlayer.nl or nforce.nl or other premium providers you will see the difference. But NOONE can touch ovh on the budget range and that has what made them popular.

You can still order servers from www.ovh.ie and rent their servers and have a choice of the datacenter you want to pick. Most pick RBX which is roubaix in france and strasbourg is their relatively newer one in europe.

You can check the network map that OVH has from here ->


You can register on their forums here -> »forums.ovh.co.uk

You can check the status of their network issues, their work in progress on various datacenters, router issues, outages here

--> »status.ovh.net

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Ottawa, ON
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I'm sorry but i have several customers that use my services hosted on OVH including all over the US (using comcast, verizon FIOS, cox.net) and a few here (rogers, videotron, start.ca) and they all are able to mostly saturate their lines.

TSI seems to be the one exception even with a private peer setup last week.