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Plano, TX

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Re: Dropping phone service from FiOS bundle

A side effect to not having a phone number is a Verizon billing nightmare. Sometimes (As in my case) it completely breaks all website features on your account and locks you out of having "full access" since their system is broke on sending people pins that do not have phone numbers.

Funny the old system that was in place from like 2008 and website they had us on worked fine without a phone number though, but they seem to refuse to fix this problem on the new my verizon website that they rolled out last year. I had a ticket open with them for almost 6 months that nobody could ever figure out, so I ended up just bundling a phone that I don't even plug in or use for around the same price just to get a pin number and fix the billing nightmare. (Yeah, I pay to fix their problem, a common Verizon issue, which IMO is why they have no motivation to fix these things when these bugs just seem to generate more revenue for Verizon)

Even the snail mail option didn't work because some unknown error was prohibiting the actual snail mail to print out to be mailed out on Verizon's side.


Glen Burnie, MD
Hmmm. We're on paperless billing. Thanks for the heads-up just the same.


Nottingham, MD
I just checked my bill and see that I am paying approximately $5 a month in taxes for DV. Not sure what kind of savings I can get by downgrading from triple play to double play. Might not be worth it, especially if I run into problems like McBane describes above.

Let's Go Orange
Syracuse, NY
·Verizon FiOS
I've been through all this and I had to battle for almost 6 months to get a straight answer on what effect dropping from triple to double non-contracted would be. In my case it would have RAISED my rate to change to a double. Instead the only thing I could do to save money was to drop down from Ultimate triple to Prime double which I hated to do but the bill had risen so quickly it was way out of my reach (fixed income). Most all of the TV I watched was on Ultimate so it really sucks they priced it so high.
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