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Montgomery, AL

Knology down all over the Southeast?

About 12:30pm today, all of our Knology business circuits and my personal home service went down. Attempts to reach Knology's websites (any of them) were fruitless. Phone calls went unanswered (not even a auto-attendant). About 1:45pm, services returned to normal, and Knology's websites are back online. A colleague of mine who is a contractor had calls from his clients all over the southeast about the outage. Does anybody know what happened?

I have no clue. My internet went down (St. Petersburg, FL) and I had to run to the local library to finish my work. That is how I am sending this message.
I am still not getting an answer on their customer service line.
This makes me worry about our dependence on the internet to communicate, work, etc. Not good.



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They are currently in a nationwide outage for all business and residential services. They are working on restoring service but have no current ETA. You can follow updates on their twitter »

I'm in Columbus, GA and we use them at our office and at home, our IT department contacted them and informed me of this.

edit: they just released a statement on their facebook page: » ··· 35613648

Duck dodgers

Johnston, SC
reply to jmadden
I'm a Knology employee and i can tell you that a main system went down. All Knology customers are where having issues. Services are being restored as quickly as possible. The call center phone got over loaded and went down. We did not shut them off. The call center is again taking call but can not access customer information at this time.

Jon Doe0

reply to jmadden
I heard that WOW was trying to upgrade a core router, something knology seemed to neglect for years, when it tripped out. Seems WOW is trying to fix things before it gets bad... Something we aren't use to with knology. Looks like a learning curve to me...