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USB stick with Hitron modem

I apologize if these questions have already been discussed.

I picked up a Hitron modem today from Rogers and in the box was a USB stick that contained some connect files and a FAQ sheet and documentation for the Cisco gateway router. WTF? There was no documentation for the Hitron. Is this normal?

I also noticed that after I manually configured the Hitron to bridge mode I could no longer log into the router. I thought I read here that this was normal. Can someone please confirm this? Thanks.


Scarborough, ON
They put the wrong key in the wrong box.

And no you cannot log into the Hitron router portion after putting it in bridge mode.


reply to mikea
That all sounds the same as my experience. I got the modem exchange the other day. I also cannot log in once I put it into bridge mode. Resetting to default lets me get back in and change things, like the other night when Rogers DNS went down.

Kane Hart

reply to mikea
wow you guys got a USB Key? LMAO... I got nothing but the modem/power cable. I was not even give a damn network cable. I have extra anyway but I was like WTF. The only documentation is the bottom the modem says what the router config page was and the user/pass lol.

This is what a $200 looks like lmao.


reply to mikea
Thanks. I can't complain. I'm using the Asus RT-N66U router with the Hitron in bridge mode. So far everything is rock solid.

I'm amazed there isn't better documentation with the Hitron. You'd think by doing this Rogers would have less people calling their tech support. Silly me, what I am thinking!


Scarborough, ON
Maybe that Rogers had good customer support! LOL! They don't!