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Norwalk, CA

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screw you!!!

i am taking my ball and going home...........

seems like some never grow up....



CBS lost me as a customer

I am writing this because I am extremely dissatisfied with CBS decision to silence CNET on the review and best in class decision for the Dish Network Hopper. I am not a Dish Network user nor do I own a Hopper. We live in America the land of the free. This means that we have freedom on press, and freedom of speech. The CNET staff had reviewed and determined that the hopper was the Best in Class product and earned the editor’s Choice Award. CNS made a blanket statement that there is an ongoing litigation and that this is illegal and this is why it was removed. In America is it not innocent until proven guilty by the court of law. CNET I went to for unbiased profession reviews. I expected that they would deliver accurate and honest information. Learning that CNET my favorite review site is not censoring their own reviewers is complete nonsense. I live in America not China, business or not it is incorrect to silence an unbiased reviewing website. I don't care if CBD or if the president himself were to own the CNET review site. This site is built on unbiased professional reviews. I believe that until the United States Court states that the Hopper is Illegal CBS has absolutely NO BUSINESS at all silencing unbiased reviews on products be is the Hopper or any other product which might have ongoing litigations.

I noticed that the Samsung Galaxy still is reviews on CNET and according to Apple they are illegal. I notice that Apple is still being reviewed on your site with their IPHONE even though Motorola has an ongoing lawsuit with Apple over some stolen technology. If CBS is going to promote censorship then they need to sensor every product not just those that conflict with their own agenda. Please remember this is America; which stands for Freedom of Speech, News, and Press. This doesn't mean that you can go silence your own editors just because you feel that it’s against your own financial gain.